Artist's Statement

It had long been said that bright colours evoke a sense of happiness and dark colours a sense of gloom. Vibrant reds and oranges spark a fire within us while soft blues touch our sensitive side. Grays make us feel chill while yellows infuse us with warmth. Colours can touch our hearts. A brilliant aqua on an object where a drab purple would otherwise be expected redefines that object, giving it a new nature itself. It is through these colours, the truest colours, that I strive to express my inner self. My palette is my conduit to the hearts of humanity.

My art has always been my spiritual release, a way to explore my own soul and to touch others.

I look to the future and to the past alike. My influences are great masters: Botticelli and Titian, Rubens and Rembrandt, Van Gogh and a multitude of others throughout the ages. Beauty is substance, not style, and I find myself drawn to the timeless classics while keeping my gaze solidly focused on the horizon, seeking that which is yet to come. Repetition is not my forte and my personal style is a fusion of palette knife techniques, impressionistic strokes, and surrealist perspectives. Each stroke differs from the rest, each painting is distinct and with no likeness in existence. Originality is key.

These days no matter where we look we are bombarded by tragedy. The world is suffering and we suffer with it. My recent work has been largely centered on illuminating our often-depressing surroundings by presenting the issues that affect us all in a new light. It is a bright light we cannot ignore but which, at the same time, provides us with a to the point depiction of the issue at hand in a manner that brightens our mood and outlook. From genetic alteration to the infusion of new technology into our already over-multitasked schedules, my pieces touch upon each topic one on one. The significance of these pieces is their simplified (but multi-dimensional) summation of vital topics and the ability to convey their meanings by forcing the viewer to briefly pause in their hectic routines.